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Spray & Go is our award-winning, multi-purpose cleaner, that contains Bette’s original recipe lemon oil and is highly effective on all washable surfaces.  As a fermented product it is naturally antibacterial and will quickly remove grease, grime and odours to leave a sparkling, streak-free finish. Use it on sinks, worktops, tiles, cookers, glass and induction hobs, paintwork, taps, plastic, ceramics, stainless steel… the list is endless.

Because Spray & Go is made with food grade ingredients It can be used safely around food and is perfect for cleaning inside fridges and disinfecting chopping boards and cooking utensils and food containers. It will also safely clean toys, children’s high chairs and booster seats, particularly where they get encrusted with food. For tough jobs like ovens and cookers, or where you need something more abrasive, use together with Kitchen Cleanser for swift double-action cleaning without the risk of scratching.


Size: 500ml | 125ml (concentrated refill)





Product Description

A safe and natural multi-purpose cleaner that is naturally antibacterial and very effectively removes grease and grime from all washable surfaces to leave a deep streak-free shine. No need to rinse.

Directions for use


Spray sparingly directly onto surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Buff with a soft cloth for a deep, streak-free shine on all hard surfaces.



We offer a 500ml refill in a PET bottle or a glass bottle with an aluminium screw cap. Replace the screw cap with your trigger spray.
We also offer a 125ml concentrated refill in a glass bottle. Simply pour the contents into your empty bottle and top up with water.



Aqua, Acetic Acid, Organic Coconut and Sunflower Oil Soap, Lemon Oil, Palm-free Vegetable Glycerine, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate.



This product is supplied in either a recyclable PET bottle or a glass bottle. The trigger spray is non-recyclable but is reusable.
To reuse the trigger spray, please order a bottle with an aluminium screw cap. This cap is recyclable.
The 125ml refill concentrate is supplied in a glass bottle and is fully recyclable.

Additional information


500ml, 125ml



Pet safe

Our products are cruelty free and pet safe

Our products

We have a great love and respect for nature and believe we have a responsibility to protect our precious environment. We therefore source our ingredients with the utmost care.

At the heart of all our products is Bette’s original coconut or coconut and sunflower oil soap. Our coconut oil is fairtrade and supplied to us from a women’s co-operative in Ghana. Our organic sunflower oil is from Europe. None of our products contains palm oil or palm oil derivatives. They are non-toxic, biodegradable and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances, SLS, SLES, phosphates or petroleum based ingredients. They have never been tested on animals and are safe for septic tanks. If you would like more information on any of our ingredients please email us at [email protected].

Packaging for delivery

We are committed to reducing single-use plastic at Mangle & Wringer. The packaging we use for delivery is 100% plastic free. We use recycled card, shredded paper and tissue paper which are all fully recyclable and fully compostable.

5 reviews for SPRAY AND GO

  1. Susan Bawtree

    Excellent product. Leaves everything super shiny with no streaking.

  2. Sarah W

    This is an excellent cleaner that I have to admit I’m now a bit addicted too. I love it as it makes everything clean and shiny without any effort at all.

  3. lewis_b7

    Got my pack of products today. Amazed by bleach and laundry powder so couldn’t wait to start cleaning…. weird I know….. but now doesn’t seem such a chore!! The Spray & Go Spray is a revelation…. it’s fantastic!! Unusual smell HOWEVER it cleans fantastically. Used it on my stainless steel sink and hob…. wow…. wow… wow…. not only is it clean but the sparkle is amazing!! 5* product!

  4. Mrs S Watson

    This is another Mangle and Wringer great product. It cleans everything effortlessly, with a super shine. I love it!

  5. Mr Connolly

    Strange smell sometimes but I now understand that’s because I used too much. But my goodness it is an excellent cleaner. Got my cooker top clean instantly and it had dried on food and burnt bits! It has lasted a long time (now I don’t use to much) and I think its good value for money. I must also say that the customer service is excellent as I rang Mangle and Wringer often with lots of questions and the lovely lady on the phone was very patient and gave me lots of time to answer my queries.

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