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Good for Glass is an award-winning glass and mirror cleaner that very effectively cleans all glass and hard, shiny surfaces without smearing. It has the same ingredients as Spray & Go, including Bette’s original lemon oil, but in a stronger formula. It will easily remove limescale from taps, baths, sinks and loos and will leave glass shower screens sparkly clear without the dangers of conventional limescale removers.

Good for Glass is safe enough for use on drinking glasses, decanters and delicate items that can be rinsed in hot water. It can be used together with Bathroom Balm to remove tough limescale build-up and watermarks from vases without the risk of scratching.


Size: 500ml | 125ml (concentrated refill)


Product Description

A safe and natural multi purpose glass and mirror cleaner suitable for most shiny surfaces. Great for limescale on shower doors and taps.

Directions for use


Spray directly onto surface and wipe with a soft, lint free cloth. Polish with a dry cloth for a sparkling, smear free finish. For shower screens spray and leave for 30 seconds before wiping off.



We offer a 500ml refill in a PET bottle or a glass bottle with an aluminium screw cap. Replace the screw cap with your trigger spray.
We also offer a 125ml concentrated refill in a glass bottle. Simply pour the contents into your empty bottle and top up with water.



Aqua, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Organic Coconut and Sunflower Oil Soap, Lemon oil, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate.



This product is supplied in either a recyclable PET bottle or a glass bottle. The trigger spray is non-recyclable but is reusable.
To reuse the trigger spray, please order a bottle with an aluminium screw cap. This cap is recyclable.
The 125ml refill concentrate is supplied in a glass bottle and is fully recyclable.

Additional information


500ml, 125ml



Pet safe

Our products are cruelty free and pet safe.

Our products

We have a great love and respect for nature and believe we have a responsibility to protect our precious environment. We therefore source our ingredients with the utmost care.

At the heart of all our products is Bette’s original coconut or coconut and sunflower oil soap. Our coconut oil is fairtrade and supplied to us from a women’s co-operative in Ghana. Our organic sunflower oil is from Europe. None of our products contains palm oil or palm oil derivatives They are non-toxic, biodegradable and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances, SLS, SLES, phosphates or petroleum based ingredients. They have never been tested on animals and are safe for septic tanks. If you would like more information on any of our ingredients please email us at [email protected].

Packaging for delivery

We are committed to reducing single-use plastic at Mangle & Wringer. The packaging we use for delivery is 100% plastic free. We use recycled card, shredded paper and tissue paper which are all fully recyclable and fully compostable.

4 reviews for GOOD FOR GLASS

  1. dawnvsmith

    This is cleans glass and mirrors quickly and effortlessly. It is also kind to the environment.

  2. Lucy Cartwright

    Fantastic product – I keep some under the sink so that I can clean the mirror and the sink / taps straight away after I finish getting ready in the morning.

  3. E Lane

    Spotted the brand on the Country Living website article about reducing plastic use. I thought the bottle was glass, sadly it’s plastic. That said it cleans brilliantly, the smell isn’t the most pleasant but the shine is worth it. I’ve been using a US eco brand for a while, but happy to find a British made product that is natural and reducing my carbon footprint whilst keeping my home gleaming.

    • Vanessa Willes

      Thank you for your review. I’m delighted you found us via the Country Living website, and I’m pleased you mentioned the PET spray bottles. We spent some time researching bottles for our spray products and came to the conclusion that, for a cleaning product, glass would be too heavy to hold for any length of time. We were also concerned, as glass is breakable, that it could be a potential hazard if dropped in the bath or sink, for example. I’m delighted to let you know, however, that from the end of March 2018 we will be offering a 125ml concentrate refill option in a glass bottle. We hope our PET bottles will become a ‘bottle for life’, helping to further reduce single-use plastic. The smell you mention occurs because our spray products go through a fermentation process that creates the good bacteria that make our cleaning products so effective. Thank you for choosing a British product, we’re hugely grateful for your support. Vanessa

  4. suzyad

    This is one of the Mangle and Wringer products I use the most and I love the way customers can purchase refills for it. I use this for mirrors, taps etc. The other day as I stepped into the shower I noticed there was limescale on the shower head. Gave it a spray and left it for about 10 minutes. The limescale wiped away like butter. We keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Fantastic product.

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