Biodegradable garlands

It’s beginning to look a lot less plastic…

I love looking through Bette’s books, particularly at this time of year when they portray a very different Christmas to the one we’ve become accustomed to in the 21st century. The plum pudding would have been made on stir-up Sunday, when everyone in the family would take turns to stir the mixture and make a […]
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Christmas Puddings - Mangle & Wringer

Time to stir up some family traditions?

Today is Stir-Up Sunday and although there’s always a huge variety of ready-made versions available, a revival in the art of home baking and the desire to reconnect with traditional skills has found many of us dusting down old family recipes and indulging in one of the most enjoyable family traditions of the year – […]
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Cleaning recipes notebook

Our philosophy

Bette’s wonderful cleaning remedies are the inspiration behind everything we do at Mangle & Wringer. But it’s not just her recipes we admire and recreate – her common sense ethos is one we aspire to as well. Hard working, honest and fiercely loyal, Bette took great pride in looking after some of the country’s most […]
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Mangle & Wringer natural bleach and soap

Discover our products

We are enormously proud that our products are made using the original recipes inherited from longtime housekeeper Bette Smith. At the heart of each product is the cold-processed soap that Bette learned to make as a child from her mother. We make it by hand in exactly the same way, using only 100% pure coconut […]
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