Our philosophy

Bette Smith

Bette’s wonderful cleaning remedies are the inspiration behind everything we do at Mangle & Wringer. But it’s not just her recipes we admire and recreate – her common sense ethos is one we aspire to as well.

Hard working, honest and fiercely loyal, Bette took great pride in looking after some of the country’s most beautiful homes as well as running a busy laundry. She believed passionately that ‘our health is our greatest wealth’ and was always concerned about the effects of toxic and synthetic cleaning products. She had a great love of the countryside and believed that we all have a responsibility to protect our precious environment, which is why she only used products she knew to be natural, safe and 100% biodegradable.

We offer you the same simple and honest commitment:

  • All our products are made using food grade ingredients and are safe and non toxic.
  • Everything we make is biodegradable.
  • All our ingredients come from renewable and sustainable sources.
  • We never test on animals and ensure that our suppliers don’t either.
  • We believe you have a right to know exactly what you’re buying so we list all the ingredients in our products.

We value our customers above everything else so please pass on your thoughts, comments or suggestions and if you need any further information just drop us an email or pick up the phone – we’d love to hear from you.


  • Cate Brimblecombe-Clark
    Hi Vanessa Are your products vegetarian? Regards Cate
    • Vanessa Willes
      Hi Cate, Thank you for the question. Yes all our products are vegetarian. We list all our ingredients on the product pages, but if you'd like any additional information please email us. Best wishes, Vanessa
  • Diana McCann
    Hello Vanessa I read about Mangle & Wringer in an old Country Living while sitting in the doctor's waiting room. What lovely products and website! Have you ever thought about doing workshops on soap making and making cleaning products? I have been making my own very simple cleaning products, mainly from vinegar, bicarbonate soda, washing soda, Dr Bonners liquid soap, beeswax & oils etc for quite a few years and get a lot of satisfaction from helping protect the environment, saving money and from keeping chemicals out of my life. Best wishes Diana
    • Vanessa Willes
      Thank you for your kind words Diana. I'm delighted you like our Natural Cleaning remedies and the website. It sounds like you're doing very well making your own products and reducing your environmental impact. You might like to know that later in the year we will add a section to our website offering ingredients to make your own products, as well as how-to guides, together with tips and advice. You may also be interested to hear that our Pure Liquid soap is the British equivalent of Dr Bronner's. We'll keep you updated in our newsletter. Best wishes, Vanessa
  • Julie Turnbull
    Hello Vanessa, I am very interested in your laundey products. Can I use vinegar in my softener drawer when using your laundry powder? Kind regards Julie Turnbull
    • Vanessa Willes
      Hello Julie, Thank you very much for getting in touch. Yes, you can use distilled white vinegar in the softener drawer of your washing machine very successfully. It will help break down hard water deposits, if you are in a hard water area, and will keep your laundry soft and your machine free of limescale build-up. It won't leave a vinegar smell but if you'd like to add fragrance you can add a few drops or your favourite essential oil in the drawer too. Best wishes, Vanessa

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