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We are enormously proud that our products are made using the original recipes inherited from longtime housekeeper Bette Smith. At the heart of each product is the cold-processed soap that Bette learned to make as a child from her mother. We make it by hand in exactly the same way, using only 100% pure coconut oil, or coconut and sunflower oil, before leaving it to cure for a month.

Once the soap is ready we add ingredients like citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, Bette’s own recipe lemon oil – which is naturally antibacterial – and distilled white vinegar to give you the amazingly natural cleaning remedies that Bette used so effectively for more than 70 years.

We believe that you have a right to know exactly what’s in every product you buy, whether it’s food or drink, skincare or cleaning. The labels on most chemical cleaners are notoriously vague, but at Mangle & Wringer we label all ingredients clearly, so that you can make the same choices with your cleaning products as you do with your foods. And because they are mainly food grade ingredients you’ll recognize them. No long, difficult to pronounce chemical names – just simple, everyday, safe ingredients that are combined to create our hard working, unique recipes.

Because our products are made using ingredients you know and trust they are totally safe to leave on your kitchen worktop and use alongside your cooking. Our kitchen cleanser is based on bicarbonate of soda so clearing up after an afternoon’s baking with the kids, for example, is quick and easy and completely free from harmful chemical toxins.

Our Bathroom Balm is made with the same ingredients you’d enjoy in a luxury bath soak, so you can relax knowing that you won’t be soaking up any chemical residues normally found in conventional bathroom cleaners.

And because there are no chemical fragrances in our products the only scents you’ll smell are the delicious aromas of your baking or the wonderful wafts of your favourite perfume!


  • Kay McMenamin
    Read your article in homes & gardens 2014! I've always been interested in natural products and try not to use any with toxic ingredients.
    • Vanessa Willes
      Hello Kay, Thank you for your comment. Isn't it wonderful that magazines are still circulating from 2014? It's good to hear you're interested in natural products and try not to use toxic ingredients. The research is now clear that reducing our use of synthetic chemical ingredients - in particular artificial fragrances - is beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Vanessa
  • Ellie
    I'd be interested to know what you would recommend as a natural alternative to fabric softener. I've been using white vinegar and essential lemon oil which has been working well for me, but I've heard the vinegar can be damaging to washing machine parts. Do you have a safe alternative? Thanks!
    • Vanessa Willes
      Hello Ellie, Thank you for your comment. White vinegar and lemon essential oil is an excellent alternative to fabric conditioner and shouldn't damage your washing machine parts. It's a weak acid and will help remove limescale if you have hard water, making clothes and laundry softer.

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