Cleaning remedies
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Mangle and Wringer story

Vanessa Willes founded Mangle and Wringer in 2012 to create traditional, non toxic cleaning remedies that would be gentle and safe, yet powerful enough to be really effective.

Vanessa didn't start out making soap. In fact, she trained in architecture and interior design, but two things happened a few years ago that changed the course of her life... more on the Mangle and Wringer story

Cleaning products

We are enormously proud that our products are made using the original recipes inherited from longtime housekeeper Bette Smith. At the heart of each product is the cold- processed soap that Bette learned to make as a child from her mother.

We make it by hand in exactly the same way, using only 100% pure coconut oil, or coconut and sunflower oil, before leaving it to cure for a month... More on Cleaning products

philosophy of cleaning naturally

Bette’s wonderful cleaning remedies are the inspiration behind everything we do at Mangle and Wringer. But it’s not just her recipes we admire and recreate – her common sense ethos is one we aspire to as well.

Hard working, honest and fiercely loyal, Bette took great pride in looking after some of the country’s most beautiful homes as well as running a busy laundry...
philosophy of cleaning remedies